1 0 0 1 - Lila - Single


1 0 0 1

Milky Bomb Records

01. Lila [03:39]

Milky Bomb Records Presents... 1 0 0 1 and their debut single Lila

A fresh project born from the work of two creative minds: an outstanding, one-of-a-kind Transylvanian born voice & appearance - Delia Pann, together with a sound designer & highly professional electronic artist - Yvat.

Lila is taken from their yet to be released debut conceptual EP, self-titled 1 0 0 1 (one zero zero one).

Versatile, mass-appealing arrangements are always pursuing for the quality of analogue sound put together in the highest manner, by ear-haunting melodic vocal lines and provocative poems as Delia Pann refers to in her lyrics. Lila is no exception!

- 'Lila', in a Chinese dialect means "the game of God", also known as karma - because each lyric contains a life lesson as being revealed by an old ancient sapient entity, also a woman. Therefore, "Lila is a B*tch!" is a conceptual remark. - Delia Pann (1 0 0 1)

For their first live appearance, 1 0 0 1 were a stand-out act playing this years Summer Well Festival after show party - 11th Aug. 2018.

Genre: electro-eclectic = electro/trip-hop/trap/pop